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Friday, 17 February 2012 10:21

Elumen Hair Color

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Have you always wanted those bold bright colors that you see in the fashion magazines and on celebrities but can never achieve the brightness and lasting power that you want? Well the wait is over! Now at Shear Escape we offer Elumen hair color.


Elumen is the first hair color to combine color brilliance, vibrant gloss and superb durability without any damage to the hair. Because Elumen works on an entirely physical concept, there is no need for peroxide or ammonia. The natural hairstructure is not altered. Elumen works only with acidic, direct color dyes. Inside the hair a simulated magnetic attraction occurs, establishing the negatively charged color dyes firmly and permanetly to the already positively charged hair. Compared to oxidative dyes, these are pure and vibrant!

Elumen comes with its own Lock which drives the remaining color dyes even deeper into the hair and locks them in reducing color fadage, color bleeding and seals in the color result!

Even if your not looking for bright, bold, funky colors Elumen can be applied over top of your natural dark shade creating a "pop" of color, richness and shine! Ex. Sharon Osbourne with her burnt raspberry hair color.

If you want permanet, gentle, conditioning, durable, peroxide and ammonia free hair color then Elumen is for you. All shades are able to be mixed with each other and Shear Escape offers 12 shades to choose from creating endless color possibilities!

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