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Wednesday, 09 November 2011 12:42

NEW Tiddlesticks by Doll

NEW Twiddlesticks by Doll


Ever spend hours curling you hair for a night out only to feel like Cinderella, that as soon as the clock strikes midnight, out go the curls you worked so hard for? Well your fairytale dreams of perfect long-lasting curls have been answered.

Shear Escape Salon and Spa is now offering a revolutionary tool in hair styling, called Twiddlesticks. Curling the hair with Twiddlesticks will give you curls that will last all night long, until you actually wash them out! When regular hot styling tools, like a curling iron or flat iron are used on the hair they can be damaging to the hair with high levels of heat that actually remove moisture from the hair. Hair is simply wrapped in sections around the carbon rod and a flat iron is rocked back and forth over top to set the curl. Twiddlesticks offer CoolCurl heat absorbing technology. The unique carbon material of the rod quickly absorbs the heat placed on the hair instantly cooling and setting your curl while retaining moisture, no products required! The instant setting of the curls is what allows the curl to hold and last longer than with any other styling tool. Hair is left feeling healthy, shiny and full of bouncy curls.

Three different sized Twiddlesticks are available to create your perfect look, choose from Bouncy Belle for a wavy loose curl, Lucy Looks for a more spiraled look and Twisted Tallulah for a catwalk worthy ‘do’.

Twiddlesticks are not a retail item, and are only being offered in salon, so book an appointment today with Alison, our Twiddlestick pro for only $15 added on to any service and $25 as a single service.